Material Used in Our Products

Cleaning oceans from plastic pollution

All of Mareel's products are made from upcycled marine plastics and are manufactured locally in Germany. Mareel always partners with trustworthy companies to ensure traceability of our material. For instance, the material used in some of our product was developed from recovered fishing nets and ropes by Amsterdam-based social enterprise Reflow. Formulated from a 73-75% thermoplastic base of recycled fishing nets and reinforced with Glass Fibre, Reflow's sustainable recipe delivers engineering grade tensile strength, impact resistance and excellent UV and chemical resistance.

Fishing nets that are lost, abandoned and improperly discarded in the ocean represent the single most dangerous source of marine plastics. They can harm and kill entangled marine animals for decades before dissolving into microplastics that further pollute oceans. Around 50% of ocean plastics comes from the fishing industry, which makes working with this source of marine plastic of crucial importance.

In the description of each product, we state material composition to ensure transparency of materials and products we use. In case of further questions feel free to contact us.